Kadett D 1,2S questions

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    Hey guys,

    I'm sorry this will be in English I will try to switch to German eventually so feel free to translate and ask questions I might be able to translate it in German.

    I'm Kenny I'm 22 from The Netherlands, I bought a Kadett D 1,2S earlier this year with the intent to restore it to it's beauty :love:.

    I currently have a 18e from my dads old GTE (only the engine, car is gone) but I have a few questions about panels and fitment. I also have a Kadett E GSI dashboard to fit in the Kadett D with the digidash tacho.

    1. What's the biggest size wheels that can fit on the kadett d?

    2. What federbeine will fit on the Kadett D 1,2 to support the power of the GTE engine? (I heard kadett E federbein fit but I don't know if it has to be GSI or not)

    3. Is there a good site to find replacement panels for the Kadett D.

    4. What gas tank do I need for the Kadett D with the 18E engine? Can't find a new GTE tank. ( I heard Kadett E GSI tank will also fit but im not sure)

    Thanks in advance :D

    Gr Kenny

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    Hoi Kenny,

    Question 4: Er is een nieuwe Tank bij Ebay Kleinanzeigen. Een nieuwe Tank is net makkelijk te vinden.


    Jij heb een tank met twee leidingen nodig omdat de GTE geen carburator heb. ik denk dat een tank van Kadett E niet past omdat hij een volumen van 52 liter heeft- bij Kadett d 42 liter.

    Question 3: COPE, Opel Teile Krause, Matz Autoteile



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    Hi Kenny,

    As I have done some things myself, I might be able to shed some light on your plans:

    1. Everything depends from the tire size, lowering, J, ET, wheel design and other stuff. In my opinion 16" is the best size, I have tried 17"s and they did not look that good.

    2. About the federbeine - well, as far as I know - everything with 1-piece cast iron parts will do as long as it is bigblock engine (1.6 and bigger). Personally I did it with Kadett E 1.6S (16SH) suspension legs, I believe it should be possible with Ascona C, Astra F, Kadett E, even Vectra A and Calibra struts as long as you keep the D Kadett upper support bearing (domlager, I believe, its called) and also keep in mind the possible differences in shock absorber rod diameters and lengths. I used, as mentioned, Kadett E struts, later replaced the shock absorbers with Astra F GSI ones. My mate installed Vectra A shock absorbers in Ascona C struts, had to use some spacers below the shocks due to Vectra shocks being shorter and also had to drill upper support bearing from 12mm to 14mm (that's, of course, if I recall everything correctly :D ). If you have all the parts, you will see what is necessarry to make it work.

    4. On Kadett D only 42L tank will fit without any modifications to the car shell itself. That being said, look for Kadett E GSI 18E tank (4/5 door version, prefacelift so to say). Or for starters you could modify the sender unit on the existing tank by soldering the copper tube in it. It's shenanigans but it works for some time. I have started to convert my next Kadett shell for 52L tank with the internal pump, you could find my pictures in my Kadett D thread.

    If you have more questions, I will be happy to help if I could.



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