Kadett D aus Lettland

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    Hello everyone! Sorry to disappoint by writing in English but I will try to switch to German - eventually. :)

    My name is Andris, I am 25, I work as an assembly process engineer in company which manufacture sweeper vehicles and I spent quite a lot of my teenage years with... Kadett D ^^

    The story starts in 2009, I was 13 at that moment and my car-addiction had woken up because my mother had (has, actually) Kadett D 1981, Berlina, with 13N engine, in Bernsteingold 403 color.



    I learned a lot from my grandfather and he was overseeing and mentoring everything I was doing along the way. Long story short - something like 5 years later it had became black and I threw C20NE in it.






    Along my (our) journey I installed brake kit from Astra F GSI, together with 22mm Delco master cylinder, the brakes were really great, also during track use.




    Then in January, 2018 my clutch bearing decided to die and that made my Kadett to spend some time in garage, untouched. I knew that I would like to take a quick peek in engine after 50k driven kms, I installed all the piston rings, bearings, gaskets etc. new, again... I rebuilt my F16 gearbox to create C3.94 box and then I started the welding which kinda got stuck there. I knew that I have got cracks in the usual Kadett spots (outside the front suspention turrets), the lower wishbone rear mountings had also gone and the Kadett itself is still here, looking like this:



    That would sum up the end of Part1. Sorry for that much pictures, it's not easy to pick these out even in random order like I did here...^^

    I will try to write in german eventually, did learn the language for 7 years in school, has just forgotten it...

    If you have any questions, I will be happy to participate in the discussions, feel free to write in german if it is easier for you, I will manage :)

    P.S. I also own 2 Vectra 2000's - one 16v FWD, the other 16v 4x4


    To be continued... :thumbsup:

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    Part 2, coming along...

    My friend bought Kadett D 3-Tuerer with 1.2 OHV or something engine some really long time ago. The shell itself was really in good condition, he started the work by changing the sills, although putting some more strengthening inside the sills. He also changed the rear arches and made some reinforcements to stiffen up front section - these suspension tower points so they do not get cracked. Then he bought Zafira A OPC, then he bought really good Kadett E and put Z20LET in it, then he drove Ascona C for some time. At last he bought Kadett C and decided that it is time to offer me the D shell - with all the paperwork ok, loads (and I mean it) and loads of parts together with the car - just to get it away from his garage. The deal was epic so I could not resist and in August 1, 2019 we brought it home - 110ish km drive, nothing too serious. Kadett was stuffed with parts up to the roof. Unfortunately there were some bare metal parts untreated and I did not unload the parts for a year just moved the Kadett around the town for some 2 times, I guess...

    Finally, at some point in November I decided that my 2020 goal - getting married - was fulfilled and IT IS F.... TIME!!!

    I unloaded all the bits that could be found in a Kadett and finally took a good look on what I was facing...

    Kadett D 3-door shell - almost perfect just some tiny rust issues, most work already done;

    A set of usable GTE plastics kit - 4 arches, rear panel, 2 front lips and a set of sills;

    Loads of front grills, 2 rear seats, loads of inner parts;

    D GTE board computer, numerous instrument panels from D, Ascona C, Kadett E usw.

    So between the Christmas - Newyear holidays the Kadett arrived in the garage







    The idea was to take a step forward and put Kadett on 5-bolt conversion with C20XE (pulled out from my Vectra 2000) but since there is some paperwork required beforehand - the idea now is to put all the running gear from the black 5-door (C20NE with X20XEV pistons, F16 C3.94 gearbox, Astra F rear axle and 256/260 brake kit and yadayada) on this, get it street legal, drive the hell out of it this season and along the way change everything to 5-bolts, C20XE with all the paperwork needed...

    Firstly, my goal is to sort the shell/welding/underside protection, put it on wheels and dry-build it so I could weld something on or cut something off if not needed anymore...

    Stay tuned! 8)

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